2015 Healing Testimonies

In 2015, we had many healings in House of Miracles Penang. We had about 15 healing of back pain, neck pain, leg pain, arm pain, arthritis etc. We had eyes healed, heart palpitation healed, migraines and skin conditions healed. However, space does not permit us to post all of them. We have posted below only some of the selected major healings.


(1) Bartholin Cyst Disappeared. Surgery Averted.

Nicole Yee Cui Fern, 34, a new convert, was diagnosed with Bartholin Cyst and severe lower virginal infection. She was in excruciating pain and the antibiotic injection did not relieve the pain. The doctor had advised her to be prepared for a possible surgery soon. On the 13th of June 2015, Saturday night, she attended the HOM English service. The pain was so severe that she could not stand or even sit comfortably. During the service, Pastor Tamil called out a WORD OF KNOWLEDGE saying, “Some one is having pain in the private part” pointing to the lower abdominal area. Nicole responded and came forward for prayer. When she was prayed for, she fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. After a few minutes, when she got up, the pain was completely gone! The cyst disappeared. The swell and infection disappeared! She was instantly healed by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ! The next morning, she ran a half Marathon and completed it without any pain or discomfort!!



(2) 26 Years Acute Chronic Migraine Totally Healed

Marilyn Choong Li Ming, 44, a Christian sister from Penang Island, was suffering from acute chronic migraine from a young age of 17. Doctors told her that it was incurable and provided medicine that could relieve the pain temporarily. She could not stand the heat of the sun or direct air cond on the head, which will trigger the migraine there and then, and she will experience excruciating headache, dizziness and nausea. At time, the pain will linger for a whole day and she will have to vomit a few times to rid of the pain. These attacks have been oppressing her on and off for almost 26 years without any significant relieve from any treatment until 2015, when she began attending the House of Miracles Penang Healing school and service. After hearing the word of God and with repeated ministry of laying on of hands, the frequency of the migraine begin to reduce significantly. Today, after about 18 months, she is totaly healed and free form this chronic sickness!



(3) Two Year Old Lump Disappeared

David Choong Kong Sin, 41, a Christian brother from Penang Island, had a lump of flesh growing under his armpit for two years. In December 2015, when the lump became big enough to cause pain and discomfort, he came up for prayer in House of Miracles Penang, and asked Pastor Tamil to pray in the Name of Jesus, so that the lump will disappear. Three days after the prayer, the lump disappeared!



(4) Intestine Disorder and Urinary Bladder Inflammation Instantly Healed

Yong Kim Shiu, 57, a Christian sister from Penang Island, have been suffering from intestine disorder causing regular diarrhea and intermittent fevers, for three long months. She was being treated with Chinese tradition medicines but did not see any improvement. In addition to that, her urinary bladder became inflamed. One day, as she was purchasing some Chinese medicine on the ground floor of Lucas Ark Digital Mall, she saw the House of Miracle Streamer. On the night of 23rd of December, she attended the Christmas celebration service held at House of Miracles Penang. After preaching, Pastor Tamil called out a “Word of Knowledge” saying, “There is someone here with intestine problem. If you come forward, Jesus will heal you.” Out of the crowd of about 120 people, sister Yong stepped forward. When the Pastor and the team laid hands on her prayed in Jesus’ Name, she fell to the floor under the power of God. When she stood up after a few moments, all the symptoms vanished and she was instantly and completely healed by the power of Jesus!



(5) Polyp On Gall Bladder Disappeared

Siew Pei Fang, 45, is a Christian sister from Penang Island. In December 2014, during the annual medical check up, a 0.4 cm size Polyp was detected in her gall bladder. The doctor told her that it will never disappear and advised her to be careful with her food intake to prevent the Polyp from growing further. The doctor also warned her that the Polyp can turn malignant should it grow to the size of 1 cm. However, during the next annual medical check up in Dec 2015/Jan 2016, nothing was detected on her gall bladder. The Polyp had disappeared. During the one year period, she was attending all the healing schools of the House of Miracles Penang. She did not inform us of her condition. No one prayed for her. However, just by listening and meditating on the word of God (Bible) concerning healing, the power in the word of God healed her according God’s promises in Prov.4:20-22, Ps.107:20!