2016 Healing Testimonies

In 2016, we had many healings in House of Miracles Penang. However, space does not permit us to post all of them. We have posted below only some of the selected major healings.


1.Totally Healed From Clinical Depression

“My name is Foo Wei Wei, age 44. I am a Christian (Methodist) from Penang Island. I have been suffering greatly from depression since November 2015. After attending the Healing School of House of Miracles in Penang for about half a year, I have now fully recovered. I was healed by hearing and meditating on the word of God over and over again, and with the prayer of Pastor Tamilchelvan in the Name of Jesus, God’s healing power healed me. My doctor had stopped all the anti depression, anti anxiety and insomnia medicines. I give thanks and glory to my Lord Jesus!


2. Healed of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Eye Disease)

“My Name is Cheah (Mr), age 65, a non-Christian from Penang Island. I have been diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration of the eye for many years. I have lost a lot of vision on both eyes. My vision became extremely blur and I could not see distant objects. I see fragmented images because of my torn retina and have to turn and look in a few different directions to make out objects. In addition, the window of my peripheral vision also reduced significantly over the years, especially on the left eye. I was first treated in Island Specialist Hospital in Penang where the eye specialist finally told that my eye disorder was beyond medical treatment and that there is nothing more he can do to help me. I took all the reports and pictures from him and went to the Penang General Hospital and there too, the specialist shook his head and said that nothing can be done medically to treat my eyes. Thus I was living with deteriorating eyesight. In the month of May 2016, I attended a three days healing conference at House of Miracles, Penang. During the Saturday night session, the minister called out someone with eye problem and I went out to be prayed for. As he laid his hand on me, I felt a force (Power of Jesus) and I fell to the floor. I got up from the floor and went home. The next morning when I woke up, I was shocked! Everything was very bright! My blurred vision has become totally clear on the left eye. Next I was shocked because I no longer see fragmented images! Now I can see objects as a whole without turning all directions to paste them together in my mind! Then I was shocked to see that the window of my peripheral vision had increased and has become normal! It all happened in one night! Further, my right eye sight is improving gradually. I thank Jesus for this great miracle. Now I believe that Jesus still heals the sick and perform miracles as He did in the Bible days! ”


3. Sleep Disorder & 28 Years Long Pain All Vanished In a Moment

“My name is Ann, age 44. I am a Charismatic Christian from Penang Island. In the month of July, I attended the weekly Wednesday healing service/school at House of Miracles, Penang. The fact of the matter is, I did not want to attend this service, but I went only to accompany my good friend who needed healing. After the teaching, suddenly Pastor Tamilchelvan called out a word of knowledge, ‘There is someone here who has a long standing pain in your ankle. You have hurt yourself in some kind of accident when you were very young and you have been living with this pain for a long time now.’ I was shocked because I have had pain in my ankle for a long time, 28 years to be exact. I had a fall when I was 16 and since then I had this pain in my ankle. Thus, I went and Pastor Tamilchelvan laid his hand on me and prayed in the Name of Jesus for my healing. The pain left me instantly and never came back! In addition to that, I was having insomnia (sleeping disorder) for a long time. However, from that night onwards I was completely healed from insomnia and I am able sleep soundlu now! I thank God I accidentally came to this church. Surely God’s healing waters is flowing here! I give my Jesus all the glory, praises and thanks for my double healing!”


4. Forty Years Long (40) Osteoarthritis Healed in a Night

“My name is Ch’ng (Mr), age 65, and I am Christian from Penang Island. I have been suffering from Osteoarthritis since the age of 25 (even the orthopedic specialist who first treated me is dead now). I have seen all kinds of doctors, bone specialists, orthopedic specialists, chiropractic practitioners, and have taken all kinds of medications both medical and traditional but I did not get any better. Recently, my wife developed goiter and when it became too big to the point where she had difficulty to swallow, she went to a church called House of Miracles and was prayed for. She came back better, that is, she was able to swallow and the goiter was smaller! She was due for a checkup the following week to schedule for a surgery soon. I wanted to send her for another healing service before the appointment, hoping that the goiter will shrink and surgery can be averted, but we could not due to unforeseen circumstances. However, we learnt that the Pastor of House of Miracles, Pastor Tamilchelvan, also has another church, a Chinese church in Butterworth called Butterworth Christian Centre. When we found out that he was holding a healing service there on that Friday night, we attended the service. He was preaching in Mandarin the whole time and I could not understand much. Then, at the end of the preaching, he called for people who had pain in their body. Realising (finally) that I could not understand Mandarin, he called me to the front to talk to me. When I went near him, he said ‘I don’t know who you are, but I feel the healing power of Jesus coming upon you now, and I must pray for you now!” He asked me where I had pain and I told him I had pain in my ankle due to Osteoarthritis. He laid hands on me and prayed in the Name of Jesus. After a few moments, the pain vanished! It took me awhile to realise that I have finally been totally healed of that pain. I have had this pain for 40 long years! This is a great miracle for me. I thank Jesus and give Him all the glory for healing me!”