2 Days of Healing Miracles In Sitiawan, Sep 2018

150 people attended the 6 hour long (2 sessions) healing school where “faith for healing was taught” by Pastor Tamilchelvan & his wife in Chinese. Healing begin to take place half way through the healing school. One elderly lady came out running screaming in their local dialect to discover she who was not able to walk was completely and instantly healed by the power of Jesus just by listening to the Word of God!

About 300+ people came for the first night’s healing service. Many more came during the 3 services on the following day. Many who could not walk were miraculously healed by the power of Jesus during the 6 services, all held in Chinese. Many more who had chronic pain in their bones, joints, heads and other parts of the body were also healed. We could not document all of the healings but the local pastor was still receiving phone calls after the services, testifying of different healings. 

By the blood of Jesus our sins are forgiven. By the broken body of Jesus our sicknesses are healed. The people in Kampung China Sitiawan witnessed both during the 2 days of healing school and miracle services. If you are sick, contact us and find out how you can receive supernatural help from Jesus.