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House of Miracles is a Bible-based Church that ministers divine healing (physical) to the sick, through prayer, in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, based on Biblical teachings on divine healing, both to Christians of all denominations, and others who are in need of a miraculous intervention in their health. We do not practice medical science in any shape, form or fashion. The sick are expected to receive healing purely on spiritual ground, by faith in the healing promises of God in the Bible, through the anointing on the ministry team and the gifts of the Spirit operating through them. Although inner healing may sometimes be necessary to bring about the physical healing of psychosomatic symptoms, yet House of Miracles majors on physical healing, NOT inner healing. 神迹之家是以圣经为本的医治中心。是通过祷告,奉主耶稣的名,凭圣灵的大能,靠圣经医治的教导,为病人祷告医治的中心。是无宗派限制,公开给所有基督徒,和其他仰望医治神迹的病人。本中心与医学无关,没有操练任何医疗,也没有应用任何药物。病人必须完全靠属灵基础得医治。就是靠圣经里面的医治应许,靠医治团队身上的医治恩膏,和他们身上所操作圣灵的恩赐来得医治。虽然有时需要内在医治来处理身心失调性的症兆, 但本中心专注在身体的物理医治,不是心灵的内在医治。

Vision | 异像

In Dec 2011, the Holy Spirit spoke through Act.28:8-9, to start a healing miracle centre at Penang Island, to present the healing power of Christ and the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the people. After two years of praying and preparing, we started the House Miracles healing centre at Penang to obey the call of God. 2011 年11月,圣灵通过圣经(徒.28:8-9), 吩咐要在槟岛建立一个医治中心,使里头的百姓能够经历主耶稣医治的大能,和圣灵九个恩赐的现象。通过两年的祷告和预备之后,在2014年的4月,就开拓了神迹之家医治中心。