星期日, 下午5点。

特别欢迎病人来参加而经历医治神迹。本聚会特别预备为病人祷告医治 (基督徒和非基督徒)。因此,牧师和医治团队必用多时间为病人一个一个的祷告医治欢迎大家。欢迎基督徒,非基督徒,病人,渴慕神的话的人,和要敬拜主耶稣的人都来参加,因为本聚会是个完美的聚会,包括敬拜赞美,正道,圣灵的恩膏,和所有聚会的元素。

Those who are sick are especially welcome to come and experience healing miracles. The service is designed specifically to pray for the sick, for both Christians and non-Christians. Therefore much time will be allocated during the service to pray for all the sick one by one by the Pastor and the healing team. All are welcome. Christians, non-Christians, the sick, those who are Hungry for the Word of God and those who want to worship Jesus are all welcome, because it is a complete service with praise & worship, preaching of the word, the anointing of the Holy Spirit and all other elements of a Christian worship service.