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Place of Healing Miracles | 医治神迹

House of Miracles, Penang, is a church where the sick may come and seek healing miracles through the power of God. It is a place where we minister healing to the sick, through prayer, in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, based on Biblical teachings on divine healing (1Pet.2:24, Mk.16:17-18, Jas.5:15).

医治神迹展现的地点。在神迹之家,病人能靠神的大能祈求医治神迹。在本中心,我们通过祷告,奉主耶稣的名,凭圣灵的大能,靠圣经医治的教导,为病人祷告医治(彼前.2:24, 可.16:17-18, 雅.5:15)。

Jesus Healed the Sick | 耶稣医治病人

Two thousand years ago, when Jesus was on the earth, the Bible says that He went about healing the sick (Act.10:38). He healed all manner of sicknesses (Mt.4:23) and He healed all who came to Him (Mt.8:16,12:15). One of the main reasons Jesus healed the sick was His great love and compassion for the people (Mk.1:41).

主耶稣医治病人。两千年前,当主耶稣在世上的时候,衪周流四方医治病人 (徒.10:38)。衪医治了百姓各样的病症 (太.4:23),而且衪医治好一切祈求他的人 (太.8:16, 12:15)。主耶稣医治病人的一个主要原因是,衪对人的大爱和怜悯 (可.1:41)。

Jesus Never Changes | 耶稣永不变

The Bible says that this Jesus has not changed (Heb.13:8). He is the same yesterday and today and forever. Just as He was moved with compassion and healed the sick two thousand years ago, today He still heals the sick for the same reason- His great love and compassion for people.

主耶稣没有改变,还在医治病人。 但圣经说主耶稣并没有改变 (来.13:8),衪 昨日,今日,一直到永远是一样的。衪两千年前怎样动了怜悯的心来医治病人,如今衪也一样医治祈求衪的病人,因为衪对人类的大爱。

Christians Can Bring Healing Miracles to The Sick | 基督徒能帮病人得医治神迹

Today, the resurrected Jesus is not walking on this earth, He is in heaven, seated at the right of the Father (Eph.1:20). However, He lives in the heart of every Christian in this world, and He has delegated the healing ministry to them. Jesus continues to heal the sick through them. He promised that those who believe in Him shall do the works that He did (Jn.14:12). In fact, Jesus specifically promised that when a Christian who has faith in Him lays hands on the sick, the sick will recover (Mk.16:17-18).

基督徒能够帮病人得医治神迹。如今,复活的主耶稣并不在世上, 衪乃在天上,坐在父神的右边 (弗.1:20)。但衪住在世上每一个基督徒的心里面,而且衪把医治的事工委托给他们。如今主耶稣连续的,通过他们来医治病人。衪还应许说,信衪的人能做衪所做的事 (约.14:12)。甚至,主耶稣还独特地应许说,信衪的基督徒若按手在病人身上,病人必痊愈 (可.16:17-18)。

Provision for Divine Healing | 医治神迹的根基

The Bible says that by the stripes of Jesus, supernatural physical healing is available to man (1Pet.2:24). On the cross, the blood of Jesus was shed for the forgiveness of man’s sin, but His body was broken and wounded for the healing of man’s physical body. This is the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, called the Good News! It is because of what Jesus has done on the cross, that today Christians can pray for the sick and expect supernatural healing miracles.

圣经说,因主耶稣受的鞭伤,人能够经历超自然的医治神迹 (彼前.2:24) 。在十字架上,主耶稣流出宝血是为了人类罪的赦免,但祂的身体被伤和破碎是为了人类身体的医治。 这就是耶稣基督的福音。就是因主耶稣在十字架上所做成的工作,今天基督徒能够为病人祷告而期望超自然的医治神迹。

Welcome | 欢迎

If you are sick and are in need of healing, or if you are interested in praying for the sick and bringing healing to others, come and join our healing school & healing services held weekly on Wednesday nights, Saturday evenings, and Sunday evenings.